We are aligned with our family’s business, Marion Gardens, which grows over 300 varieties of USDA Certified Organic herb and vegetable plants in about 40,000 square feet of greenhouse space. We have been in business since 1987 supplying garden centers and Whole Foods stores in our local area and since 2014 we’ve been supplying our products nationally via this website!

The inspiration for Organic Harvest is a deep desire to help people by having a positive impact on their lives, the planet and their wallets! For every $100 spent on organic plants you can yield up to $400 worth of organic produce! We are committed to helping those who desire to get back in touch with the traditional methods of organic farming and self sustainability; along with the beneficial aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now more than ever people want to know where their food is sourced… well, how about growing it yourself! There’s something to be said about how food you grow yourself tastes the best. Plus all the toxins, GMO’s and chemicals used today in food production aren’t natural or healthy for us and they certainly don’t contribute to helping us feel well either.

We’ve heard many unfortunate stories of new parents feeding their children organic food but not being able to afford to do so for themselves. And other stories of people who aspire to start eating organic food but don’t have any idea of how to begin. We see an opportunity to combine our family’s business and our passion to help people along this path by offering them the opportunity to purchase organic plants; along with the knowledge of how to grow their own organic food.

We want to make a difference, thank you for giving us the opportunity to achieve that. We humbly appreciate your business.