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6 Apr 2017

Spring Ahead

Spring is here! It may not be time to actually plant the garden yet but it’s not too early to start preparing. Last year we tried something in our home garden that you may find useful to try for yourself. […]

13 Mar 2017

Tomato Musings

Tomato Musings: By far the most popular vegetable (fruit?) that we sell is the tomato. There are so many different styles and flavors. It’s actually pretty amazing how many different varieties there are…There are only 2 leaf-types on the tomato […]

7 Apr 2016

Much anticipated Ranch dressing!

Here it is Organic Harvesters… the much anticipated Ranch dressing we have been using to pair with ALL of the varieties OH has to offer 🙂 It is from Nom Nom, Enjoy: Nom Nom’s Paleo Ranch Dressing Makes 1 cup […]

27 May 2015

Sushi Buyer Beware

We are big fans of good sushi- we really enjoy it.  However, we’ve run into an alarming trend lately that is rather deceptive.  It seems like time after time, when we ask about the salmon being wild caught or farm raised we […]

25 Apr 2015

New life:

Someone very close to me had a beautiful baby girl this week.  During my visit to see the new bundle of joy, I heard the most uplifting bit of information I could from a young Mother of this generation; in fact […]

15 Apr 2015

What better way to eat local than from your own backyard

It takes a lot of research, effort and a strong will to buy healthy organic products from the grocery store these days. Upon researching some of my favorite brands of organic, non-GMO products I’ve continually come into some troubling information. […]

24 Mar 2015

Be Organic: 3/16/15

In recent weeks we have been getting wonderful inquiries about Orgainc Harvest… “I have always wanted to have my own garden”… “Is it hard to maintain an Organic garden”… “Can I just start out small and see how I do”… […]

12 Mar 2015

“Secrets of the Soil: New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

“Secrets of the Soil: New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird Excellent book describing the depth of life in healthy soil.  Important information about the why and how to restore dead soil and promotes organic farming […]

12 Mar 2015

“Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe

“Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe For the raw food enthusiasts among you, we are partial to a book by David Wolfe called “Eating for Beauty.”  Very interesting and helpful information provided within, including specific breakdowns and benefits of the food being […]