During this unsettling time we recognize the enhanced need to supply organic plants to customers so they can grow their own organic food.
Standard shipping begins the weeks of April 27 and May 4 (depending on the contents of your order). We now have a limited amount of cold weather herb and vegetable plants available for early shipping beginning April 13. Email us at info@theorganicharvest.com for information on how to place an order for these earlier cold weather crops.  Stay well!

Someone very close to me had a beautiful baby girl this week.  During my visit to see the new bundle of joy, I heard the most uplifting bit of information I could from a young Mother of this generation; in fact the same news I had heard from another young Mother a few weeks back, “our whole family is going organic”… It seems as though the transition is occurring, it’s not just about feeding the kids organic anymore – the entire family is taking part.

I know it’s not easy, I know it’s not cheap.  But, having the awareness and figuring out affordable ways to do so is what is going to get you there!  “Grow your own organic food / what better way to eat local than from your own backyard”!

With love and gratitude,

OH team