Orders Placed Now Will Ship Within A Week 

In recent weeks we have been getting wonderful inquiries about Orgainc Harvest… “I have always wanted to have my own garden”… “Is it hard to maintain an Organic garden”… “Can I just start out small and see how I do”…

Our least favorite conversations consist of similar statements to these, “I have always wanted to eat Organic but, it’s too expensive to buy produce in the grocery store”… “We are new parents that like to feed our child organic food but, we can’t afford to do so for ourselves”…

It is estimated that for every $300 spent on organic plants you can yield $1,200 worth of organic produce! Now is the time to take that want and put it into action; it’s time to stop thinking and start doing! Spring is in just a few short days and you can start envisioning what you want your garden to look like (whether it’s a few small pots on your patio or something much larger). Make your dream of taking those steps towards a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle your reality. Chris and I are here to help in any way we can!

Happy growing = Happy cooking = Happy eating = Happy living!

With love & gratitude,


OH team