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15 Apr 2015

What better way to eat local than from your own backyard

It takes a lot of research, effort and a strong will to buy healthy organic products from the grocery store these days. Upon researching some of my favorite brands of organic, non-GMO products I’ve continually come into some troubling information.

These companies may have started out with good intentions and the inspiring, comforting blurbs on the box or the bag that I’ve always found to be reassuring may have once been true. Until I do a little digging and come to find out that more than a few of the companies that I’ve trusted are actually owned by major multinational corporations. HUH?!?

Now, it’s great that these companies are offering organic products, but I find it ethically confusing and personally discouraging that a company like Cascadian Farm, Annie’s (really Annie?) and Muir Glen can be owned by the same corporation that manufactures Lucky Charms, Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker (among many other no-touch brands within this household).

I mean, you’re either in or your out. I find it difficult to believe that these mega corporations truly value organic farming practices and an organic lifestyle while manufacturing poisonous food loaded with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial flavors and no nutritional value. Hmmm…

Anyone can sit back and tell you what the problem is with this or that scenario but we are solution based here at Organic Harvest. It really is important to eat organic and local as often as you can.  Beyond that, the very best way to know where your food comes from is to grow it yourself. And that ties in nicely to a new phrase that we here at OH have coined recently and I’d like to share it with you all;

What better way to eat local than from your own backyard

So I’ll leave you on that note for now.


OH team