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Herbs are fragrant, add flavor to recipes, look nice when growing in pots or in the garden, and they can also add a decorative touch to a room after they are dried. A bundle of dried herbs can be incorporated into a home’s decor to add a unique, personal touch.

A bundle of decorative dried organic herbs also makes a unique and welcomed gift for birthdays and holidays. Dry some organic herbs and use them as home decor before you use them in culinary applications.

Autumn Wreath- Start with a wreath frame, then attach dried bundles of lavender, thyme, parsley and sage to create a unique autumn wreath. These herbs have very little moisture and dry well while retaining their color and flavor.

Wall Décor- Create dried bundles of your favorite herbs, then tie them (upside down) at regular interval on a length of twine. Attach both ends of the twine to a wall to create a fragrant and attractive wall decoration.

Suspend From The Ceiling- Display your organic herbs while you are drying them by suspending them from the ceiling. Use a pot rack, chandelier or exposed beams to to suspend and dry your favorite herbs, like sage, cilantro, catnip, mint and oregano.

Bathroom Fragrance- Use decorative dried organic herbs in the bathroom to add a touch of whimsy and fragrance. Display dried bundles of herbs or rough chop them and display them in a clear glass bowl.

Table Centerpiece- Bundles of dried organic herbs can be used as a decorative table centerpiece. Display tall bundles of lavender, lemon verbena, rosemary and mint in unusual containers and place in the center of your dining table. Use an antique teapot, attractive wicker basket or glass milk jar to display the dried herbs.

Herb Ladder- A great decorative idea for farmhouse decor – use an old wooden ladder to dry and display organic herbs. The rungs of the ladder make an ideal spot to hang bundles of herbs. The ladder can be cut in half to create two herb displays for different rooms if desired.

Antique Window- Dry bundles of organic thyme, fennel, basil and mint, then display them in an antique window. Hang one dried herb bundle in front of each window pane for decorative impact. Lean or hang the window against a wall where it will catch light, but not be in direct sunlight.

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