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~We are no longer accepting plant orders for the 2020 Spring/Summer Season. Please check back in for our Fall offerings.
~Shipping of all current orders are rapidly cycling through. They will be completed over the next few weeks. Orders are generally being shipped 2-3 weeks from when your order was placed.
~You will receive a tracking confirmation email upon shipment.

Plug Trays:
~Plug tray orders are shipping on schedule.
~We are still accepting plug orders for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2020 Seasons. Please call 1.844.236.7426 to place a plug tray order.

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21 Jun 2019

Natural Remedy Teas

Herbal teas are made from various parts of plants which can include the flowers, stems and even roots. Each tea variety has a unique benefit that can provide everything from better sleep to cancer prevention. Natural remedy teas come in […]

21 Jun 2019

Herbs Commonly Found in Organic Toiletries

Organic herb-based toiletries are a safe and effective way to take care of all your personal hygiene needs. You can keep your skin acne-free, hair shiny and smell good all over without the use of chemicals. Many herbs have cleansing, […]

21 Jun 2019

Decorative Dried Organic Herbs

Herbs are fragrant, add flavor to recipes, look nice when growing in pots or in the garden, and they can also add a decorative touch to a room after they are dried. A bundle of dried herbs can be incorporated […]

6 Apr 2017

Spring Ahead

Spring is here! It may not be time to actually plant the garden yet but it’s not too early to start preparing. Last year we tried something in our home garden that you may find useful to try for yourself. […]